The internal storage of the phone is full, so turn your memory card into internal storage this way!

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Tuesday, 2nd February , 2021 02:03 pm

We all use phones. We keep our photos, videos, and other files on the phone, due to which the storage of the phone becomes full soon. But we have to face many problems due to the filling of the internal storage of the phone. But if you are also worried about your phone's internal storage becoming full, then we have brought a trick for you. So let's know about this.

 Such increased internal memory

After adopting this trick, your phone's internal memory and SD card memory will be the same. So let's know its steps

Learn how to apply this trick


Go to the Settings of Phone and go to Storage and USB option.

Here the option of Portable Storage will come and here below that you will see the name of the SD card.

You have to tap on the SD card. This will open a new page.

Three dots will appear on the right-hand side of the new page, tap on it.

Here you will see 2 options in which you have to tap on Settings.

By going here, you are not on the option of Format as internal.

Here you have to go to the option of Erase & Format. After doing this, the process of internal storage of the card will start.

This process takes some time, so do not tamper with the phone button.


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