Kanpur Crime Branch Police arrested 2 accused of inter-state ATM hacker gang

[Edited By: Vijay]

Monday, 10th May , 2021 05:13 pm

The Crime Branch team of Police Commissionerate Kanpur Nagar arrested 2 ATM hackers who used to do a withdrawal transaction by putting a card in the ATM, as soon as the machine used to withdraw money, it dropped its shutter forcefully, which broke the connection to the server and Used to withdraw money.

Due to the disconnection from the server, the transaction was shown to be canceled and the money withdrawn in the account was returned. After questioning the accused, it was found that it was active not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in the states of Orissa, Punjab, Delhi, Jharkhand etc.

Other members of his gang used to train these people and send them to other states, open ATMs in almost every bank and make ATM cards, thus each member has dozens of ATM cards. Necessary legal action is being taken in connection with the said incident by registering an indictment on the police station. Among the arrested accused are 22-year-old Anshu Kushwaha and Naubasta Kanpur Nagar resident Yashoda Nagar Kanpur Nagar, Prabhat Shukla, 22 years old. 33,000 cash recovery, 42 ATM cards and 3 mobile phones have been recovered from them.

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