Kanpur: oxygen demand 50 percent decrease as infected person decreased

[Edited By: Vijay]

Tuesday, 11th May , 2021 12:49 pm

As the number of infected patients is decreasing, the demand for oxygen has also declined. 50 percent demand has fallen in three days. According to Sandeep Arora, the manager of Chaman gas plant located at Dada Nagar, 500 to 700 cylinders were being filled daily from the plant in the past. Now only 200 to 250 are being refilled.

According to Sumit Babbar, the manager of Babbar Oxygen Plant in Fazalganj, 1000 to 1200 cylinders were being refilled daily till three-four days ago. There was 50 percent less refilling on Monday. The demand for oxygen has also halved at Hariom Gas Plant, Panki Gas Plant and Murari Oxygen Plant at Lohia Chauraha.

However, the cylinder is still not easily found. According to the managers, people who had gone to the cylinders in the past by depositing security money, they have kept them in their need in bad times. This is causing problems.

The port was repaired, but no staff

A port was damaged in the Panki Oxygen plant at Dadanagar in the morning of 30 April by a cylinder burst. Employee Mardanpur resident Murad Ali died in the incident. A week later the port was repaired but due to non-availability of skilled staff, the delivery has not started yet. Cylinders are being filled from one port only.

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