Uttar Pradesh-IG roaming in the city without the uniform to see how much the Corona curfew is being followed in the city.

[Edited By: Vijay]

Wednesday, 12th May , 2021 04:23 pm

 Inspector General of Police to see how much the Corona curfew is being followed in Banda district. IG Satyanarayana himself came out during Inspecting the city, removing the police uniform and red lights from his car. He roamed the streets accompanied by a driver and a constable in their normal clothes.

They kept wandering among the people and people did not even get a clue. After taking full stock, the IG summoned CO City and Kotwali in-charge. Both these and several sub-inspectors ran to the market. IG took the class of both on the open violation of guideline and instructed to follow social distancing and masks and arrange for opening of shops only.


The IG conducted his inspection at Sabzi Mandi, Chowk Bazar, Maheshwari Devi Chauraha etc. Seeing overcrowding in some shops, the shopkeepers were instructed not to give goods to those without masks. Make shells and make them stand at a distance. The IG himself made the buyers queue up. The IG asked these people to leave the houses when it was very necessary. Strictly follow masks and social distancing. Avoid infection and save others as well.

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