Kanpur Municipal Corporation will make dust free Kanpur

[Edited By: Vijay]

Thursday, 13th May , 2021 02:32 pm

Under the Air Quality Improvement, the Municipal Corporation will free Kanpur from dust, in which the 19 major roads of the city in Rs 36 crore. The Municipal Corporation has prepared a roadmap of crores of rupees. Under this, fountains will be installed there along with widening and beautification of the squares. An electric crematorium will be constructed at Siddhnath Ghat. A proposal has also been prepared to install air pure fire system in major locations. These proposals are yet to be approved by the Development Committee.

These are the main work-

Site track work on both sides of the road from IIT to Ramadevi intersection –

Rs 5.30 crore,Side track work from Fazalganj intersection to Gokshwad Nagar to Highway - Rs 3.44 crore,

Side track work from Vijay Nagar intersection to Naubasta bypass via CTI intersection - Rs 2.88 crore

Side track work from Narendra Mohan Setu to Fazalganj intersection - Rs. 1.02 crore

Rs 1.73 crore work of side track from Maswanpur intersection to Vijay Nagar

Pavement Improvement Work from Housing Development Road to COD Nala to Housing Development in Hanspuram - Rs 1.61 Crore

18 road dividers and site track improvement works - Rs 5 crores

This is also going to happen

Work of electric crematorium in Siddhnath Ghat and Bhagwatdas Ghat - Rs five crore

Work of fountains at intersections - one crore rupees

Two crore rupees for traffic control

For Horticulture Composting - Two Crore Rupees

For development of parks - Three crore rupees

Development of action plans developed by IIT Kanpur - Rs 40 lakhs

Work of installing air pure fire system - Rs 50 lakhs

Establishment of Air Quality Monitoring Station, Third Party Monitoring, Capacity Development etc. works - Rs 8.05 crore

Disorganized Parking Improvement - 20 million

To make the city roads pit-free - two crore rupees

Widening and beautification of intersections - two crore rupees

Beautification of parks - Rs 6.50 crore


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