Corona's third wave: IIT professor claims not to come before October

[Edited By: Vijay]

Monday, 10th May , 2021 01:13 pm

It is time for the third wave of the Corona epidemic to arrive. This wave will not come before October. The second wave is about to end by July. In such a situation, the government will have two-three months time so that it can make better arrangements to protect against the third wave.

The most important thing is that more and more people get vaccinated. This claim has been made by Professor Manindra Agarwal of Kanpur IIT. He is preparing epidemiological reports based on mathematical analysis. IIT Senior Scientist and Padmashri Prof. Agrawal has prepared a computing model formula based on the data of last year's case, population, immunity level and second wave.

 He told that it is too early to say anything about how deadly the third wave is or what the virus will affect. Everyone must get the vaccination done and must apply mask while exiting. The third wave will have more impact on children, to which they say that it is only a matter of fear. The third wave is yet to be guessed. He said that the government should get more people vaccinated. People maintain the habit of sanitization, hand washing.

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