Kanpur police's initiative to prevent corona infection, doctor officer formulated plan

[Edited By: Vijay]

Monday, 10th May , 2021 03:00 pm

The Commissionerate Police is working on a major plan to prevent the growing infection of Corona. After analyzing the methods adopted by the world's physicians to prevent infection, Additional DCP Traffic Dr. Anil Kumar has prepared such a model of treatment by telemedicine consultation, In which every house will be made a hospital. It is claimed that the chain of infection will be broken more strongly by getting the infected person treated at home.

This is the police plan: Additional DCP Traffic Dr. Anil Kumar said that after studying all the medical practices, he has prepared a plan, which will require a group of at least hundred doctors for treatment in a metropolis like Kanpur. According to the plan, the doctor will talk to the infected patient on the phone will ask about their symptoms and problems. After this, the doctor will prepare the form of medicines, tests given to the said patient. Each doctor will have a trained nursing staff of three to five people, who will go to the patient's home. The patient's oxygen level, sugar level, BP will be checked. If you want to get a blood test done, you will take a sample at home will tell them how to take medicines and when to do what. If injections are to be done, the nursing staff will go home every day.

Such a chain of corona will break: Dr. Anil Kumar believes that this method can break the chain of corona infection. He told that the infection is increasing rapidly because the infected patient runs from here to there in search of doctors and medicines. This not only aggravates the infection further, but due to runaway and dislocations, the patient also gets encouragement, which worsens his health. Due to their treatment at home, the infection will stop and the patient will also get satisfaction, which will encourage him / her.

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