2-Doxy-D is a game-changer drug - discovered by scientist Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra - Let's know, Who is Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra,and how 2D Oxy-D medicine works

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Thursday, 20th May , 2021 12:04 pm

The Chemistry of Corona drug developed by DRDO is said to be a big game changer.It is 2-Deoxy-D+Glucose (2-DG) which is likely to be marketed very soon.The hero behind this discovery is said to be the Scientist, Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra who obtained his M.Sc.(Chemsitry) degree from Gorakhpur University in 1984 and Ph.D degree in 1988 from Banaras Hindu University.

His research is mainly based on Molecular Biology & Organic synthesis. After doing the post doctoral research, he has worked as visiting Professor in different foreign countries like France, California (USA) & Max Plank, Germany. He joined DRDO as Sr. Scientist in the year 1997.

2-DG is a mimic of D-Glucose prepared by replacing -OH group at C2 by H-atom.Hence, the name 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose meaning removal of oxygen from 2nd carbon. Being mimic of D- Glucose, it gets easy passage into the cells where Corona virus is already present.


Glucose breaks down into two three carbon compounds one of them being pyruvate anion (CH3COCOO-) with release of energy. It is a metabolic process called Glycolysis. It is this energy on which all living organism survive. Corona virus also survives on this energy. Unlike D-Glucose, 2-DG is unfit for glycolysis.No energy is evolved. The sustaining of life becomes difficult and as such Corona virus dies within a week in want of energy. It is said that this drug also lowers the oxygen dependence of patients.

This drug is also antitumour/anticancer by the same mechanism. If it is able to destroy killer Corona virus, crores of precious lives will be saved.Thank you DRDO.

The science behind the 2DG drug for Covid-19 developed by DRDO: 10,000 doses of 2DG by DRDO is expected to be released today evening or by tomorrow! Hopefully, Mass-scale production is ramping up will start soon at Hyderabad and likely at other centers!

The principle of operation is simple: "Cheat the Cheater"! You know that any virus, once inside the body, makes its own copies by cheating our human cells and takes their protein to multiply itself!

The brilliant thought process by Indian scientists was simple!

For every doubling of virus cell, it needs energy (glucose!). So, the medicine is simply a  "Pseudo" Glucose which the multiplying virus intakes but actually, this glucose makes it neuter (unable to multiply!).

Thus 'Cheating the cheater' once the rapid multiplication of virus is halted, our own anti bodies can readily combat it and overpower within hours!

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