Kanpur - Trains reach Kanpur with 80 tonnes of oxygen - nearby districts will also get relief

[Edited By: Vijay]

Sunday, 9th May , 2021 01:31 pm

After the corona infection at peak, the arrangements are now beginning to appear on the track after coming down the slope. The train reached Kanpur with four tankers of 80 tonnes of oxygen from Durgapur on Sunday morning. Each container tanker has 20–20 tonnes of oxygen.

At around 10:20 am, the train arrived with Juhi Yard carrying a container tanker. Now 55 tonnes of oxygen will be sent to Kanpur and the remaining oxygen to the surrounding districts

The city, which was struggling with the oxygen crisis, received a relief notice on Saturday. Kanpur was waiting  80 oxygen tankers of train from Durgapur to Kanpur. Although Linde Gas Company was asked to deliver oxygen to Kanpur on April 30, but the train left for Kanpur with oxygen in four containers from Durgapur 4.35 pm on Saturday.

The train reached Juhi Container Depot at 10.20 am on Sunday. Here the work of filling oxygen in cylinders started. The oxygen was transported from these tankers to Indane's plant, where the work of keeping oxygen has already started. The train was returned to Durgapur so that on Monday, the train could again take oxygen and leave for Kanpur.

The Minister of Industrial Development said that out of this 80 tonnes, 55 tonnes of oxygen is for Kanpur. The remaining 10 tonnes are for Saifai, five tonnes for Sultanpur, five tonnes for Amethi, five tonnes for Rae Bareli. Seven tons of oxygen in 55 tons of Kanpur will be given to the medical college. The remaining 48 tonnes of oxygen will be for other hospitals and institutions.

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