His Excellency Governor of Bihar Appointed Sir Dr. Chandan Agarwal as a Educational adviser

[Edited By: Vijay]

Thursday, 15th April , 2021 04:46 pm

This is a  very Proud moment for the people of Uttar-Pradesh and Bihar...Sir Dr.Chandan Agarwal. Chairman of G.D.Goenka School appointed as a Educational adviser of Bihar, by his excellency Governer of Bihar.Governer of Bihar apppinted him educational adviser on the basis of his work in the field of education from past so many years .

Dr.Chandan said-There is lot of potential in the field of Higher education in the state of Bihar. Alot of work can be done in this direction..Now as the Honorable Governer give instructions I wil make every effort to bring changes in the education of Bihar. Whole G.D.Goenka Family and person associated with him are feeling Proud on this extra special Achievement of Dr.Chandan Aggarwal.

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