Doctor Sisters of Kanpur sent mini ventilators from US

[Edited By: Vijay]

Saturday, 8th May , 2021 04:03 pm

When the news of what is going on the coronas infected patients and lack of oxygen and ventilators reached to the doctor sisters of Kanpur origin who are practicing in America, then both sisters has no delay in providing help. Both sisters send 10 (mini ventilator) to kanpur. On Friday, 7 machines were handed over to the GSVM Medical College. Due to which the patients facing oxygen shortage will get great relief.

Kidwai Nagar resident Dr. Ib Jain's daughters Drs. Millie Jain Physician and Drs. Juhi Jain is a diabetic expert. Both are associated with the 'Desi Physician Mom' organization of USA and Canada. About 7 thousand women of South American origin are attached to them, When it came in the knowledge about the situation in Kanpur that people are dying without oxygen. In such a situation, both sisters have ordered 10 mini ventilator machines in the country. 7 machines have been received by the Medical College. The remaining 3 will be available soon.

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