Most People Have Wi-Fi Access Which Their Phones Can't Reach, Reveals Study By Qualcomm

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Friday, 22nd November , 2019 11:50 am

Wi-Fi in our homes can be a saving grace for us, especially when we either want to download shows on Netflix or just update the apps on our phone.

But did you know even with fast Wi-Fi at home, many Indians prefer using their phone data instead?

This was revealed in a study conducted by chipset maker Qualcomm. As per its study, even though homes have access to super-fast internet speeds, one in every two individuals switch to phone data, indoors. Many phones aren't able to receive it to the full potential. 83 percent of0 people experience slow speeds, 77 percent experience congestion and 57 percent experience problem with range.
The reason for this isn't just the router's placement in the house, but also the hardware that is on the device. Most phones have a single Wi-Fi antenna to connect, which with poor router placement result in poorer connectivity overall. However, some phones running Qualcomm chipsets are equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi antennas that allow for seamless connectivity despite other issues.

Dual-band Wi-FI bring uses an additional antenna that doubles a mobile device's ability to receive wireless connection. The dual-antenna configuration translates to nearly double the speed and range. Dual Wi-Fi, then, helps deliver better performance in more places for more reliable browsing experience.

People think slow Wi-Fi speeds is because of slow RAM or processor
Many people are under the misconception that it is the phone's processor or RAM that causes the slowness while browsing on the web. Qualcomm conducted a blind test where it gave phones running dual-band Wi-Fi antennas to try out. 9 out of 10 people in these tests thought that the phone's hardware made the internet feel faster, completely oblivious of the fact that it's actually phone's Wi-Fi hardware.

So next time you think of buying a phone, make sure it has dual-band Wi-Fi, in case you don't want to spend your precious data away.

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