Apple: Are you excited about the upcoming iPhone

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Friday, 9th August , 2019 04:09 pm

Are you excited about the upcoming iPhone XI? Wait to see what Apple has in store for its 2021 iPhones or iPhone 13. A recent report suggests that Apple could launch iPhones with both - Face ID and Touch ID in 2021. A new report now suggests that Apple could present its first collapsible display iPhone of the same year.

UBS analysts predict Apple could launch its first collapsible product next year. However, this product is more likely to be an iPad than an iPhone. According to a report by CNBC, UBS analysts believe that Apple is more likely to launch a foldable iPhone in 2021.

"This suggests that the industry will have to redouble its efforts to reduce the cost of folding mobile devices as a product category," said UBS analysts in a note consistent with the publication. The company also predicted that Apple customers were quite willing to pay an additional $ 600 (about Rs), as well as an interest in getting their hands on a foldable screen iPhone.

In the past, Apple has filed several patents for a fodable screen phone. While one patent indicates a book like this one, another suggests that the company could launch a folding-screen iPhone with a design similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy X. This indicates that the company is actively exploring the design options of the Samsung Galaxy X. his foldable screen iPhone. Earlier reports, along with UBS analyst ratings, indicated that Apple could soon join the elite of companies with folding screen smartphones.

In addition, Apple's 2021 iPhones, as noted above, would offer a combination of Touch ID and Face ID, which would serve as an alternative to two-factor authentication and provide improved security over current security systems. For iPhones 2020, Apple is expected to launch iPhones with 5G connectivity next year. Reports say the Cupertino, Calif.-based company could completely abandon its LCD screen next year to opt for LG's OLED display iPhones next year.

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