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Viral Gay wedding in New Jersey by Indian boys

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Tuesday, 23rd July , 2019 04:24 pm

In January of this year, Shah and Madiraju were married in a civil ceremony. But both wanted to honor their roots. "We wanted our own Indian wedding. At a time when Aditya's parents, who live in India, visited us in the United States for the first time, we felt like the ideal date. Everything was completely organic, we didn't force anything. They are really fortunate to have parents who support him so much, "Shah said. The couple's big day, July 19, 2019, was about casual elegance. “It was a simple ceremony only with our friends and family. We made a bid, swapping garlands and pheras, "adds Madiraju." We did not realize the impact that a simple temple wedding would have on people around the world in search of hope. There is no secret to acceptance, tolerance or happiness. You just have to find the right partner to take the step. Let the truth of your love speak for itself, "Shah said of his choice to follow the traditional route for his ceremony. The beautiful Shri Swaminarayan Mandir of BAPS in New Jersey, known for its great architecture and intricate marble carvings in The facade was chosen as the place to seal the deal.

Shah and Madiraju started their wedding celebrations with an intimate outdoor party at "our house that Aditya and I built together," Shah revealed. Avoiding the typical banquets, the couple opted for a garden holiday in their backyard, the space full of informal seating for friends and family members who attended. Marigolds, a traditional Indian wedding flower, and capricious lights dotted the decor and design, gave the mehandi a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

In the digital age, a person's Instagram account is likely to take a look at their life. A rapid shift in the social media feed of Amit Shah, born and based in New Jersey, shows that he is a choreographer, who dances to the rhythm of dandiya rhythms and also of Bollywood tracks; the founder of the award-winning dance company Aatma Performing Arts with footprints in New Jersey, New York and Los Angeles; and recently, a newlywed. "Love is meant to be celebrated," reads Shah's legend about his recent nuptials with his fiance Aditya Madiraju, who works for a risk management company. And they celebrate what they did, in the Big Apple with close friends and family.

From their romantic love story and their traditional wedding ceremony, to the extravagant decoration and the outfits of both for all events, the newlyweds provide all the details and give Vogue an exclusive look inside their wedding.

The way the duo got together sounds like the first meeting we all hope they met through a mutual friend in 2016. "We met three years ago in a small east side bar to celebrate a friend's birthday. That night, we were together, "Shah revealed." Although we have completely different personalities, thanks to our similar interests, we got underway instantly. Aditya is very creative. For me, being in the performing arts, that was very important. I wanted a partner who is passionate. "One year in the relationship" we realized that we loved each other and that we went out with our parents. "


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