Meet Shipra Pathak, the water woman from India

[Edited By: Vijay]

Wednesday, 10th February , 2021 02:17 pm

As seen over the past few decades, water scarcity has become a global issue. Scientists and experts all around the world are putting dates on when water will not be available in certain areas. Now more than ever is the time to step up and collectively work towards conserving the planet's water resources.
To bring this change across the globe and in India, Glojal (Global Water Mission) Foundation is dedicating their entire life. Ambassador of the organization is Shipra Pathak, or colloquially known as the water woman. She is revered as the Global Water Ambassador owing to her selfless dedication towards the cause.

Known also as Mokshadaayini Maa Shipra, the spiritual sage has devoted her life towards the betterment of the global water scenario. She is committed to promoting basic human value, fostering inter-religious harmony, advocating for the welfare of the global village, and reviving ancient Indian knowledge. A truly unique sage for an unbridled expression on life, mysticism, and spirituality.
Maa Shipra strives to work towards reviving a dying planet and urges thousands to take a stand with her for the conservation, preservation and sustainable development of water on a global scale. The Water Woman believes every citizen needs to work with the government to achieve the goal.
Water Woman, Shipra Pathak, on the need to act now, says, "Natural resources around the world are depleting and it is time every human being acts upon it. Conserving and planning for a sustainable future has become the need of the hour. At Glojal Foundation, we are committed to fighting against injustice as well as conserving clear water around the world. Along with this, we also promote a future where peace prevails and hatred is completely eradicated. We all need to work towards providing an improved future for our coming generations."
Glojal has inspired thousands of followers who have now made water conservation and preservation their main goal in life. The organization creates locally and globally synchronized events, yajnas, and prayers with a focus on saving global water, global peace and celebrating our humanity. The followers are invited to also meditate, host local events and ceremonies, and pray in their own way for the ultimate goals. Glojal's main mission is to educate and connect purpose-driven leaders to create an abundant and sustainable world for everyone.

Maa Shipra believes that everyone is a part of One Human Family and the duties are to conserve and value our natural resources. By unifying race, religion and nationality, a living demonstration of underlying unity and an emerging planetary culture is created. This culture embraces the interdependence and well-being of all and forms a unified effort to conserve Mother Nature.

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