Rapper Hard Kaur allegedly joins Khalistan Movement, takes digs at reigning Government

[Edited By: Gaurav]

Tuesday, 13th August , 2019 03:24 pm

Music is always and everywhere, regarded as a platform to express and vent emotions of every kind. Seems like rapper Hard Kaur is doing the same to vent out her emotions at the ruling party.

It is to be noted that Hard Kaur had earlier been booked on charges of sedition as well, but it is only recently that she has joined the Khalistan movement, reports suggest. The Khalistan movement is a movement that demands for a separate state and country for the Sikhs in order to save them from ‘oppression’.

Hard Kaye has released a video wherein she can be seen taking strong jibes at Amit Shah and Modi and criticizing them for apparently ‘using people to only further their benefit’ and then leaving them aside.

Hard Kaye has also supported Anurag Kashyap for leaving Twitter because of the oppression of the Government.

 In the video, Kaur informs her viewers that her new song We are Warriors, in support of a referendum for Khalistan, will be released soon. “We want freedom,” she says in the video.

Her bio on the image-sharing social media platform identifies Kaur as a human rights activist with Sikhs for Justice, a pro-Khalistan group that was banned by the Union cabinet in July 2019. SFJ has been instrumental in pushing for the demand for a referendum to create a separate Sikh homeland.

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