Rapper Badshah's Paagal Clocks : 100 million views in 24 hours

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Wednesday, 31st July , 2019 01:41 pm

The Rapper Badshah has released his new single Paagal, which has completely shaken the country since it recorded 100 million views in just 24 hours, but apparently YouTube has refused to credit the rapper. It's even strange because YouTube has already credited each new album, from Thank U Next to Ariana Grande to Kill This Love from Blackpink, and ME from Taylor Swift! were mentioned, but Badshah's feat did not elicit any reaction from the world's most popular online video hub.

Well, it is said that Paagal had benefited from server farms and bots . It was therefore common to acquire tens of millions of views. This is one thing where major record companies usually buy ads on YouTube that place their music video among other clips. If people watch the ad for more than a few seconds, YouTube counts it as a view, increasing the total.

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For the same, Blackpink and Swift, among others, have already done so and so there was no surprise when Badshah followed their path. But then, it was said that Badshah and his representatives had bought ads from Google and YouTube embedding the video or directing the fans to it in another way. However, as the song really makes everyone "paagal" ", Badshah shared his happiness a picture of the song on his Instagram account, subtitled," The whole world is heading to PAAGAL.I would like to thank all the radio stations, TV channels, broadcast platforms Continuous, DJs who play and support paagal.And the audience and listeners who have so much love for Paagal

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