People appreciating me for the negative role: Annup soni

[Edited By: Gaurav]

Friday, 5th July , 2019 11:25 am

Actor Anup Soni who is currently seen in zee 5 web series Bombers shares his feelings on getting praises from all for his negative role and on doing all kind of genre in television, web and film.

On getting praise all over for Bombers, " It's really nice and for an actor it is very important to get appreciated for whatever work you do. But for me the good part is that people appreciated me for the negative role and people have normally seen me in good and positive roles . So I was really happy that they have appreciated me in negative role too. So that kind of satisfaction as an actor you get they see you in different image as a complete actor not only one kind off."

On talking about acting on different platforms, " I'm really happy to be on different platforms like web, television and films and not only that apart from that I do theatres also . I do plays also and performed on stage also. Obviously as an actor there cannot be any difference in acting in any of the platforms and you have to be honest with performance whether a film or web but the difference is in technic also the content makes a lot of difference in performance. The content in different platforms makes difference in acting. I think to do a variety is good for every actor ," he apprised.

"An actor should keep on trying varieties of roles ,he should keep experimenting with looks and roles so that you yourself should not feel that you are doing same kind of roles. I have done almost all kind of roles but I think I haven't played role of a gangster. So if I get a chance I would like to play a hard core gangster, " he further adds.

On talking about future projects, " I have couple of films like Prasthanum with Sanjay Dutt and Ramyug with director Kunal Kohli, Netflix original film produced by red chilli , 'Bahubali before the beginning ' a web series by makers of Bahubali , test case 2 by alt Balaji and future web series in amazon prime which I can't talk much about. "

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