Common language not possible in India: Rajinikanth

[Edited By: Gaurav]

Wednesday, 18th September , 2019 01:52 pm

Rajini Makkal Mandram founder and actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday said that a common language for a country will be beneficial for its growth but ruled out imposing Hindi on non-Hindi speakers.

Speaking to reporters, Rajinikanth said, “Any country that has a common language will find it beneficial to its growth and unity. Unfortunately, we cannot have that in India. Specifically, we cannot impose Hindi in India. If they do so, not only will the South Indian states oppose it, even some North Indian states will oppose it,” he said.

Asked about 23-year-old R. Subasri who died after a banner placed by AIADMK political functionary on the road fell on her, Rajinikanth said that he has already told his fans to avoid placing banners.

Actor Rajinikanth reportedly met Rajini Makkal Mandram office bearers and discussed the next course of action.

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