New trends of fashion in2021, take a look from sweater to fashion joggers

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Friday, 22nd January , 2021 05:01 pm

If you are a fashion lover at heart, then odds are you always want to be the one who is a step ahead of everyone else, fashion-wise of course. 2020 left its mark on everything including the fashion industry. This time last year no one could have predicted that ease, comfort and function would become the new norm of the year. As work from home became the new way of life, the previously earmarked trends fell by the wayside.

We can expect more of comfortable clothes that in 2021 according to Surya Suri, Director of Steele Collection. No one wants to wear anything constructive anymore. After many months of pandemic living under our nap dresses, there’s a collective move to generous silhouettes whether it’s wide-leg pants or an oversized blazer or shirt.

Also, the forecast for 2021 should always be sustainability, it’s more important than ever that we deepen our commitment to reducing the fashion waste killing our planet. Colour-wise, there’s also a strong case made for soft, soothing pastel shades, a slave to the neon hues that will be everywhere.

Shopping locally means our money is going back into the local fashion economy. Supporting local brands that rely on economizing means we are producing less clothing waste. The restart of the New Year also calls for cleaning out your old ones off; creating a capsule wardrobe allows you to focus on worthwhile garments along with a few experimental items that never considered.

 1. Fashion Joggers


Luxe loungewear has transcended the lazy Sunday and is the go-to outfit this year. Coordinated lounge sets of all kinds have emerged and a cosy pair of butterfly soft pants are at the top of New Year forecast.

2. Knit Bra


With comfort dressing at the forefront of everyone’s wardrobe, the knit bra is a modern take on underpinnings that can be dressed up or down. Whether paired with a matching cardigan, over a casual white T-shirt, or with denim and a trench coat, cosy bras can easily be integrated into your everyday wardrobe

 Monochromatic Co-ord Two Piece Sets



The monochromatic co-ord sets are growing slowly but steadily as a forecast of 2021, we can guarantee you can’t take off in the coming year. Most commonly seen in white and black these sets are beginning to come in a variety of colour combinations. In neutral tones such as camel, ivory and olive greens these sets will be super wearable.

4. Puffer Jacket



This trend is going on a few years strong at this point but that doesn’t mean puffer jacket is going anytime soon. They are arguably the most sensible and runaway approved item you can have in your wardrobe.

5. Shrug Sweater


 A newly spotted trend, the ultra cropped shrug sweater, is making its way into the new year. This sweater is commonly seen attached to a tank or sold in a set. Paired over a slip dress during the transitional season or a bodysuit in winters, this distinctive piece function throughout the year.




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