Easy tips to wear a sari if it's your first time

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Friday, 26th February , 2021 04:19 pm

Sari may be Indian women's most loved garment, but not all women know how to tie it to perfection. And, it's absolutely okay to not know the trick, especially these days when there are so many hacks available on the internet. If you love sari as much as we do, then we are sharing with you 5 super easy hacks to drape the sari to perfection if you are wearing it for the first time.

Follow these tips

Pick a light sari


 Firstly, don't even think of making the mistake of picking up your mother Kanjeevaram or BanarasI drape. Just steer clear from those attractive but heavy saris, and instead opt for a lighter fabric like chiffon or organza.

Pre-pleat the sari


The next important step is to pre-pleat the sari. Well, it may sound weird to some women, but it's one handy tip. If you can pre-pleat your sari and gather it with a pin, then you can simply just get into it like you get into your skirt. All you have to do it take a rough estimate of the circumference of your waist and divide the sari into equal pleats. Now pin up all the pleats together and wear it like a skirt.

​Pin it well


 A sari is nothing without the pins that keep it together. We often underestimate these, but you have to keep a lot of them handy to fix a six yard drape! Try putting in a few as it's your first time and you don't want a faux pas.

Experiment with the blouse


 Because it's your first time with the sari, you can let the focus be on your blouse instead of your sari. Pick up a unique style that looks chic and takes the attention away from the sari. You can choose from a spaghetti style blouse, a shirt style blouse or a crop top - all these are in vogue and you will need no hard work to carry these well

​Go for a well fitted petticoat


 If you are planning to wear your mother's petticoat then stop right there. First things first, it's obvious that you will have fitting issues if you pick up your mother's petticoat, secondly your choice of sari may not go well with the petticoat you are planning to wear underneath and that can lead to a sloppy fitting. So opt for a well-tailored petticoat, that fits you to T.

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