Research: Walnuts -Almonds will reduce weight by eating

[Edited By: Gaurav]

Wednesday, 10th July , 2019 12:23 pm

According to  a recent research ,eating Nut and Almonds regulary reduce the risk of heart attack and helps in keeping weight .Everyone knows that walnuts and almonds are good for health, but  they should not eat too much .Yenna University professor Missile Guly points out thazt this affect the parametres of blood sugar and lipid metabolism,thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure besides type to diabetes.

According to Professor Glyam,Almonds lays our life long. Less likely to be in heart attack,because we know that LDL Cholesterol Comes in the Disease Research on walnuts was done at Munich College.Deter Gerhavits is a person who participates in research , After that ,no nut was eaten for eights weeks for comparative study.He consumed equal calories every day.The most  important effect of the nut was fat present in the blood .LDL ,which is considered bad cholestrol,decreased by 7 percent due to walnut

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