Kohli and Anushka's t-shirts are sold with a price tag of Rs 7500 and 30,000

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Monday, 15th July , 2019 03:14 pm

Message on Anushka Sharma's t-shirt - Natural Born Lovers - sums up his relationship with the Indian skipper. The couple of power that is known for its flair for fashion and Virat-Anushka are undoubtedly "naturally born" fashionistas
Anushka Sharma went out with her husband, the Indian Skipper Virat Kolhi, to soak up the British sun over the weekend. Spotted in a Selfridges SANDRO t-shirt black with branding - Natural Born Lovers, the actress stole the hearts and glamor of the Nazis of fashion. We did a little digging and sought to decode his trendy and comfortable look.

His easy breezy t-shirt is available at Selfridges at a price of $ 110, which is approximately Rs 7500. No big deal, right ?!


She paired her trendy t-shirt with black cotton pants at the waist. Virat Kolhi was seen pairing with her daughter. He was wearing a black Balmain cotton t-shirt with logo. The simple-sighted T-shirt has a price of $ 450, or about 30,000 rupees. It's a great price for a cotton t-shirt, but when you're one of the richest cricketers in the world, why would you skimp on your fashion game?

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma has been a constant presence throughout the 2019 ICC World Cup. Although India is excluded from the race after losing to New Zealand in the semifinal, Anushka has been seen applaud several matches for the Indian team. Virat and Anushka have extended their stay in the UK and have a good time together.

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