Kanpur DM will not tolerate carelessness in the treatment of Corona patients

[Edited By: Vijay]

Thursday, 6th May , 2021 06:26 pm

         Kanpur DM will not tolerate carelessness in the treatment of Corona patients      

If there is any problem of any kind in the private Covid facility, then immediately complain to the 24-hour static magistrate. Constant relatives are kept informed of the status of their admitted patient at the scheduled time. Instructions were given by the District Magistrate to give immediate notice for not making the medical report of the patient admitted by the Grace Hospital.

According to the intention of the government, all the private covid facility has to treat the admitted patients in which strict punitive action will be taken against the negligent hospital, the above instructions were given today during surprise inspection of the private covid facility by the District Collector, Kanpur Nagar. The District Magistrate first reached ZTB Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital. Where he informed about the status of admitted patients, the present doctor was told that there are currently 53 patients admitted, who are being treated.

The District Magistrate is calling the relatives of the patients admitted by the Hospital and the hospital administration is stating that the status of your patient is being determined or not, on which their status is constantly being told to the family by  them. DM asked if There is no problem of billing, if there is any problem of over billing and other, then our private magistrate duty has been imposed for 24 hours in all private covid facility. If there is any problem then complain to them immediately.

After that the District Magistrate reached Grace Hospital Vikas Nagar. Here, he informed about the number of patients admitted, the present staff said that 31 patients admitted at present. The District Magistrate called the family of randomly admitted patients and informed them about their status.The family was told that the report of his treatment was not shown to him, and on this, the District Magistrate gave a strong rebuke and directed the Chief Medical Doctor Nepal Singh that immediately notice should be given to the hospital. Newcomer Chief Medical Officer was present during the inspection.


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