71-yr-old crocodile 'Babiya' living in the premises of Vishnu temple is a strict vegetarian!

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Thursday, 4th July , 2019 01:09 pm

In the sacred waters of the Ananthapur lake temple, dedicated to Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swami (Lord Vishnu), you will find a devotee, like no other.

This hard-to-believe tale is about a 60-year-old crocodile who has not touched meat in years and is taking care of the premise; all in the true devotion of Lord Vishnu.

The devotees who visit the pond, only to see Babiya, become overwhelmed when they see it feeding on their "prasada" offering (strictly given by the priests).

People often bathe in holy water, but there have never been cases of damage caused by the crocodile.

Located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, this temple is usually crowded with devotees to see Babiya, who lives in the care of local priests, who feed their "prasadam" three times a day.

Shri Ramchandra Bhat, trustee of the temple, says: "Here, we believe that Babiya is an envoy of God and till she is here, nothing bad will ever happen in the temple or its sympathizers."

The locals believe that in 1945, a British soldier killed Babiya with his gun; The next day, they found her hale and hearty swimming in the pond. A few days later, the soldier was found dead of a snake bite.

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