Hallot hospital Kanpur spoils all claims of government administration, have 120 ventilators but 34 not working, have oxygen cylinder but no manpower-Chief Superintendent Dr. Jyoti Saxena-Hallot Hospit

[Edited By: Vijay]

Wednesday, 5th May , 2021 08:49 pm

Principal and administration of the medical college is also aware of this, Chief Superintendent Halat said she is helpless because even if the beds are increased, oxygen cannot reach there till it needs cylinders and manpower but it is also not available, no one is here to fix bad ventilators. And it shows the failure of the government….


It is a different thing that despite such terrible circumstances, the honorable Chief Minister of the state issues an irresponsible statement that there is no shortage of oxygen beds and medicines in the state, even when the patients are due to lack of beds, ventilator, oxygen.

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