Roadways contract workers jammed at Alambagh international bus stop. passengers are upset.

[Edited By: Vijay]

Thursday, 22nd April , 2021 03:11 pm

Lucknow- Roadways contract workers at the Alambagh International Bus stop in the capital Lucknow increased the problems of passengers by stops the buses to being travel. It is being told that the passengers are getting upset since 4:00 am. The migrant laborers from outside are anxious to go to their homes, but their trouble is further increased due to the blockade of roadways contract workers.


The contract workers say that they have not received their salary for the last 10 months, they are living with their family in some way. But now it has become difficult to run a family in times of inflation. Due to which they have blocked the wheel. Though soon the top officials of the roadways reached the spot and tried to talk to the employees as soon as the flywheel was reported, but their result did not appear to be successful.

Buses have been parked from the line at Alambagh, during the traffic jam of contract workers; the covid-19 protocol was also not followed.

In the Corona epidemic, contract bus drivers and conductors have done a commendable job of taking migrant laborers from many states to their homes, but despite this they have not received their salary, due to which they are getting angry.

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