SP's national President Akhilesh Yadav's press conference begins-we welcome all new members who joined SP

[Edited By: Vijay]

Saturday, 10th April , 2021 02:09 pm

As the akhilesh yadav starts the conversation 1 journalist ask –what is the big question –The BJP will be eliminated from UP-This is the answer- all laugh and the akhilesh said –election is very near in UP.


 Leaders and activists of various parties joined SP in large numbersActivists of several parties, including Congress, BSP, joined the SP. Rakesh Tyagi Former Minister UP joins SP. Arshad Khan, Ashwani Sharma, Anees Ahmed Engineer, Bachu Singh Nishad, Ayaz Sherwani took membership of Samajwadi Party.


Akhilesh said that-Will BJP Government tell which injection was to be injected in the Shamli?

You may remember that he also celebrated the festival in which the plate was played, did Corona go


This is a government of celebration and publicity.  BJP will be eliminated from UP .There was so much cost in the investment meet, but did any investment come. No government has done as much insult and harassment as the BJP government is doing.So many fake cases charged in UP.

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