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India performed naval drill in China, showed its strength

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Friday, 10th May , 2019 12:36 pm

China has been showing its strength in the South China Sea. Here, it is involved in regional disputes with his neighbors. Meanwhile, warships of India, America, Japan and the Philippines took part in the Navy drill for six days in this oceans. This coordinated group cell was held between May 3 and 9 May. Including India's Guided Missile Destroyer INS Kolkata and Fleet Tanker INS Power and America's Destroyer USS Williams P Lawrence, 'Japanese Helicopter Carrier JMSDF Izumi' and 'VHD JMSDF Murasam' and 'Frigates of Philippines' BRP Andres Bonnifex 'Took part.

Indian Navy spokesman Capt DK Sharma said, "The objective of the group cell was to deepen the existing partnership and encourage mutual understanding between the participating navies. It shows India's commitment to operating with similar ideology countries to ensure safe sea/ ocean environment through interoperability. Captain Sharma said, "The warships of four countries carried out various drill exercises in the South China Sea. In which maneuvering strategy, cross deck flying and sea riders were exchanged.


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