When Lord Shiva felt cursed and had to be made elephant

[Edited By: Gaurav]

Thursday, 30th May , 2019 01:17 pm

May God even curse, even though it may seem. Bholenath, who was called the owner of Azar Amar and the three people, had once been cursed, due to which he had to become an elephant. So, know what is the full story of this legend ...

Shani is considered a magistrate. The belief is that Saturn does justice and they are not affected by anybody nor are they afraid, no matter who they are. Shani is a fair magistrate. Whether they are Gods or insecure people or animals, they give penalties based on their actions. According to legends, Lord Shiva Suryaputra is said to be the master of Shani Dev. Yama's brother Saturn has been elected as the magistrate by his blessing. In spite of this, there is an interesting story about Shani and Shiva, in which Shani Dev has also cursed Shiva.

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