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Sam Pitroda sought apology on his statement

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Saturday, 11th May , 2019 12:49 pm

Congress leader Sam Pitroda's statement on Sikh riots has become a big problem for the party. Even after controlling the damage control from the party all day, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had to give clear statement from his side. By writing a Facebook post rahul said, Pitroda's statement was different from the party line and completely incorrect. Rahul wrote that 1984 was a horrific tragedy. Those who are responsible for this should be punished. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and my mother Sonia Gandhi have also apologized about this. Rahul said that I personally asked Pitroda to apologize for this statement.

After this, Pitroda said that, BJP has broken my statement to hide its failures and presented it in wrong way. About 1984 tragedy, I feel the pain of Sikh brothers and sisters of their difficult times and I still feel about those atrocities. I had to say that what happened, that was bad. I am sorry that my statement was presented incorrectly. I apologize.

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