Panchayat election-SP changed the scenario, got maximum seats in whole UP, BJP has been defeated everywhere,

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Thursday, 6th May , 2021 01:34 pm

Panchayat election-SP changed the scenario, got maximum seats in whole UP, BJP has been defeated everywhere,

The results of the three-tier panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh have almost been released. In which the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a severe defeat in most of the districts Which is enough to tell that the people in the state are now losing faith in the Bharatiya Janata Party. At the same time, the SP and BSP have made a comeback in the state from the panchayat elections.


In Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura and Meerut, BJP has suffered a severe defeat. In spite of the special kindness of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in these districts, people have shown apathy towards the BJP. On the other hand, the victory of Samajwadi Party and BSP is also giving a big political signal.


In Ayodhya, the BJP has suffered a severe defeat in the District Panchayat Member. Out of 40 district panchayat seats in the district, 24 have been captured by Samajwadi Party. Whereas BJP has got only 6 seats in its account. Apart from this, independent candidates have won 12 seats. Surprisingly, Ram temple is being constructed in Ayodhya. But the public has excluded the BJP from the race for the Zilla Panchayat which has made a significant contribution in the construction of the Ram temple.

Cycle is running in Varanasi

In Varanasi, the BJP has suffered a big defeat. Samajwadi Party has captured 14 seats out of 40 seats of Zilla Panchayat in Varanasi, the Prime Minister's parliamentary constituency While Apna Dal has three and Aam Aadmi Party has captured one seat. Here BJP has got 8 seats in its account. Let us tell you that in 2015, the BJP lost in Kashi. But after the formation of the Yogi government, the district panchayat president's chair was snatched by the BJP from the SP.

In Mathura's city of Mathura, results have also come against the BJP. Here the BSP has captured 12 seats, causing great trouble for the BJP. The same RLD of Aziz Singh has won 9 seats. The BJP also has only 8 seats. Apart from this, the Independents have won their seats in one or three seats of the SP.


Talking about Meerut, the Bahujan Samaj Party has created history here too. BSP has captured 9 of the total 33 district panchayat seats in the district. While SP has 7 seats. The BJP was able to lead in only 6 seats, staying in the third position. The same RLD is also winning 6 seats.

Let me tell you that BJP holds 6 out of the 7 assembly seats in Meerut. Despite the BJP having 6 MLAs in the district, a tough defeat in the district panchayat elections is giving a big political signal. In 2015, here too, the District Panchayat President's chair was held by Atul Pradhan of SP, who was taken away by the BJP after Yogi formed the government and Kulwinder Singh became the District Panchayat President.

Samajwadi party attacks on the yogi government by a tweet which says..

In the Panchayat elections, the people of the state have rejected the Bharatiya Janata Party!

Buoyed by his defeat, the CM has misused the power and rigged the SP-won candidates in several districts through the officers.

BJP has killed democracy. In 2022, the public will again respond.


SP Supremo Akhilesh yadav appealed to all the winning candidate to serve the needful at this time-He tweeted..

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