Kanpur-Corona recorded 67 deaths,Health Department admitting that there were only 11 deaths within 24 hours.

[Edited By: Vijay]

Thursday, 6th May , 2021 12:18 pm

The health department is playing everyday to show the deaths due to corona in Kanpur less than statistics. A record 67 deaths were reported from Corona on Wednesday itself. The Health Department admitted that there were only 11 deaths within 24 hours.

But details of when 56 deaths occurred were hidden in the details released. It was just stated that the data on the portal has been updated with delay. When did 56 patients die? Hospitals have also hidden this fact. The day of his death is not known.

After placing the data on the portal, it was told that these deaths were earlier than 24 hours. How long before 24 hours? Instead of telling it, people were misled. These 56 deaths will not be able to be added in any one day.

Whenever there is talk of death on May 5, only the figure of 11 will be revealed and the death of 56 patients will not be known.

On Wednesday, Corona reported 67 deaths in 17 hospitals in the city. GTB Hospital has the highest number of 13 deaths.

Apart from this, one death New Leelamani Hospital, one Mariampur, four deaths Narayana Medical College, three deaths Apollo Hospital, one death Seven Airforce Hospital, nine deaths Fortune Hospital, nine deaths Kanshiram Hospital, three deaths Grace Hospital, nine deaths Halat, two deaths K.M.C. , Three deaths Kulwanti, five deaths Rama Medical College, one death Family Hospital, one death SIS Hospital, one death Madhuraj and one death Krishna Super Specialty Hospital.

The health department has given all the details but only counted 11. According to the data, 1363 people have died in the city so far from Corona.


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