Black marketing : Funeral items of Rs 1100 given in Rs 7600-watch video

[Edited By: Vijay]

Wednesday, 5th May , 2021 02:49 pm

In the Corona period, extortion from people who are in the grief of being separated from their loved ones is not taking the name of stopping. On Tuesday, shopkeeper Vicky in Lalbangla market taken Rs 7600 in lieu of funeral goods. Whereas, its fixed price in the market is only 11 hundred rupees. As soon as this was known, Bharat Gujral, who was close to Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana, reached the market.


Opposing the recovery, reprimanded the shopkeeper and returned Rs 6500. Bharat Gujral said that the police has also invoiced the shopkeeper. All the shopkeepers of the market have been instructed to sell the funeral items at a fixed price.

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